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Hey, anyone that reads these off of an unknown VA's profile. As it turns out, I went ahead and did two voices for KoTT for the first short. If you want to go watch it, click this text. Though I MADE the voices, I thought the voices were second rate. It wasn't until it was animated that I realized it actually turned out great. By the way, props to qrs22. He made my voices look good. If you enjoyed this episode of KoTT, tune in for more.

I may be a voice actor for KoTT

2010-05-26 09:07:57 by Knighted1337

I don't know anything about flash, nor can i get it, but i may be a voice actor for a Katamari Damacy themed series called KoTT. [I'd be the fat cousin Nik, but what the hell :)] The author is qrst22